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Forget about Scotland, Katie Hopkins joins Keith Lemon tonight.
Katie Hopkins joins Celebrity Juice tonight at 10pm on ITV2.
Read more (18/09/2014)

Project Syndicate is pleased to announce its newest monthly contributor, Lucy Marcus.
Extraordinary leadership and governance speaker Lucy Marcus joins leading politics, economics and global affairs magazine.
Read more (15/09/2014)

Queuing a week in advance for a phone is crazy.
Katie Hopkins latest piece is in the Sun
Read more (12/09/2014)

Oscar Pistorius is guilty of Culpable Homicide
Mark Williams-Thomas joins This Morning.
Read more (12/09/2014)

World Exclusive interview with Oscar Pistorius
Mark Williams-Thomas is on This Morning.
Read more (10/09/2014)

Royal baby speculation.
Dickie Arbiter speaks to This Morning at 10.30am
Read more (09/09/2014)

Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
Royal Correspondent Dickie Arbiter joins Sky News.
Read more (08/09/2014)

The Police have lost their marbles if they think we're all Miss Marple.
Katie Hopkins latest column is available online and in today's Sun.
Read more (05/09/2014)

Prince Harry is 30.
Harry is 30 a documentary examining his life is on ITV1 at 8pm.
Read more (03/09/2014)

Katie Hopkins: To Fat and Back
Katie Hopkins returns to This Morning today at 12.15 pm.
Read more (01/09/2014)

Shaun Wright must do the right thing and step down.
Katie Hopkins latest column in the Sun is available now.
Read more (29/08/2014)

Donna and her daughter Lisa join This Morning to talk about their ordeal in Rotherham.
Mark Williams-Thomas joins This Morning at 10.40am
Read more (28/08/2014)

Mark Williams-Thomas is on This Morning at 10.35am
Read more (27/08/2014)

Weighty Hopkins
Katie Hopkins weighs in on the fat debate in today's Sun.
Read more (22/08/2014)

Who are TV's Nastiest Villains?
TV's Nastiest television villains is on Channel 5, Saturday 16th August at 9pm.
Read more (14/08/2014)

Phone your mum!
Katie Hopkins latest column is available now.
Read more (14/08/2014)

Inside the Victorian debtors prison.
Secrets from the Clink is on ITV1 at 9pm.
Read more (13/08/2014)

Did online shopping break the High Street? Far from it says Clare Rayner.
Retail Champion Clare Rayner talks to the Mirror.
Read more (12/08/2014)

Are Britain's prisons reaching breaking point?
Mark Williams-Thomas investigates the prison service for Channel 4.
Read more (12/08/2014)

Make more money from with your stuff by Sue Hayward.
Sue Hayward talks to Raio Cumbria at 10am.
Read more (12/08/2014)

Bake Off is back and Katie Hopkins takes a bite.
Katie Hopkins latest column is available now.
Read more (08/08/2014)

How do you x-ray an elephant?
Operation Wild is on BBC One at 9pm.
Read more (06/08/2014)

Remembering the First World War.
Tracy Martin talks to This Morning about World War One antiquities,
Read more (04/08/2014)

Has the heatwave saved British retailers?
The Retail Champion Clare Rayner talks to Sky News.
Read more (01/08/2014)

Gypsies rights are so wrong.
Katie Hopkins latest column is available now.
Read more (01/08/2014)

Not so much an angel, but a bad mother.
Katie Hopkins latest column is in the Sun now.
Read more (25/07/2014)

Keep your child safe online.
Mark Williams-Thomas reveals his top five tips on how to keep your child safe online.
Read more (24/07/2014)

The Commonwealth Games starts today.
BBC One's coverage of the Commonwealth Games tonight at 8pm.
Read more (23/07/2014)

Are you worried about your children's online activity?
Mark Williams-Thomas is on This Morning at 10.45am.
Read more (22/07/2014)

Adebowale is a wrongun.
Katie Hopkins' latest column is available today only in the Sun.
Read more (18/07/2014)

Encouraging Students To Achieve Brilliance.
Students love Katie Hopkins for telling it as it is.
Read more (16/07/2014)

Over 600 Paedophiles arrested by the National Crime Agency.
Mark Williams-Thomas is on Sky News talking Operation Notarise at 10.30am.
Read more (16/07/2014)

Gorgeous George is punching above his weight for the first time.
Katie Hopkins' latest column is in the Sun today.
Read more (11/07/2014)

Ben McBean supports the Headley Court move.
Ben McBean talks to BBC Breakfast.
Read more (10/07/2014)

Tired of paying extortionate fees at the airport?
Sue Hayward's personal finance column is in My Weekly
Read more (09/07/2014)

One of the greatest Paralympian's has joined the Speakers Agency.
Lord Holmes of Richmond has joined the Speakers Agency.
Read more (08/07/2014)

Baby wipes are refreshing, losing two giants of the airwaves is not.
Katie Hopkins latest column is in the Sun today.
Read more (04/07/2014)

Rolf Harris guilty on 12 counts of indecent assault.
Mark Williams-Thomas talks to This Morning about the Rolf verdict at 10.35am
Read more (01/07/2014)

Experience trumps youth.
Dwain Chambers wins at the British Championships.
Read more (30/06/2014)

Mark Williams-Thomas discusses Jimmy Savile's legacy.
Mark Williams-Thomas is on This Morning at 10.30am.
Read more (27/06/2014)

Robbing the sick to pay for her boobs.
Katie Hopkins talks Josie C in her latest column in the Sun.
Read more (27/06/2014)

Mark Williams-Thomas talks Jimmy Savile and how he may have even abused the dead.
Mark Williams-Thomas speaks to BBC News at 5.15pm
Read more (26/06/2014)

Wimbledon enters Day Four but will rain close play again?
Wimbledon coverage continues on BBC 2
Read more (26/06/2014)

Katie Hopkins proves to be a huge hit at the Sunday Times Festival of Education.
Katie Hopkins addresses students at the Sunday Times Festival of Education at Wellington College.
Read more (25/06/2014)

What's so bad about Death Row?
Katie Hopkins latest piece is in the Sun today.
Read more (20/06/2014)

It is the end of an era for Newsnight.
Jeremy Paxman's last episode of Newsnight is tonight on BBC 2 at 10.30pm.
Read more (18/06/2014)

Show my knifecrime video in schools.
Life Sentence is a documentary on knife crime in our nation's capital and is based on Brooke Kinsella's life.
Read more (17/06/2014)

Bojo has the mojo.
Katie Hopkins latest column is in the Sun now.
Read more (13/06/2014)

The pinkification of young girls at Selfridges
Katie Hopkins talked at the Intelligence Squared debate.
Read more (12/06/2014)

The Duke of Edinburgh turns 93.
Royal Correspondent Dickie Arbiter speaks to Good Morning Britain.
Read more (09/06/2014)

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