Jo Wheeler has been working in the media for over 25 years. She is seen internationally on Sky News as a weather presenter, but has a broad history of television presentation; as a programme lead, news anchor, continuity and more recently in weather. In addition, she has been much in demand as a corporate presenter, both live and recorded, a conference facilitator, a scriptwriter and as a media trainer.

Her clients have included the likes of Audi Volkswagen, BT, Boots and British Rail. Her presentations for companies such as Jungheinrich, Pirelli, BT Compaq, IBM and PCL Cygnus have often led to further scriptwriting as she is very technically minded. Her voice has been heard for Barclaycard, Kodak, Central Digital and Marconi.

Along the way, she was also contracted to Orion Airways, (later Britannia) to incorporate their Omega Navigation fit in to the original Boeing Manuals, and to streamline both flying and cabin crew procedures. She has held PR Contracts with Carl Zeiss (Oberkochen), Crosfield Electronics and Raleigh bicycles.

She is currently expanding her media training into a more broad based communication training schedule. She is doing this in partnership with Diana Mather (Public Image), where the communication training complements Dis business etiquette courses.

A mother of five children, she spent 7 years in Portugal where the family was renovating an old Algarvian villa. During this time she continued to commute back to London to fulfil her commitments to Sky Television, but she was also teaching music at the International school out there. Eventually, it was the lack of sixth form provision that brought the family home, and she now has two children at University, whilst the others are going through the local Grammar school.

Jo would consider herself as something of an expert on education, having experienced both the private and state system within the UK; teaching methods within the international schools abroad, state assisted boarding schools, and a return to the grammar school system still prevalent in some parts of Britain. Jo is also well acquainted with the problems of trying to raise a family whilst also attempting to pursue a fairly high powered job.

During her seven years abroad, she had plenty of time to observe and learn all the pros and cons of ex pat life; the essential life adjustments to both leaving Britain and later returning.

As previously mentioned, Jo has a very technical mind, and is often found under a malfunctioning car, or rebuilding a vacuum cleaner! Her fascination with machinery, industrial or domestic, is limitless!

In her free time, Jo walks her three dogs, is still an avid pianist and saxophonist or indulges her other passion household chemicals!

Jo Wheeler has been working in the media for over 25 years. She is currently seen internationally on Sky News but has a broad history of both television and radio presentation. She has also been in demand as a speaker, conference facilitator, scriptwriter and media trainer.

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